Important things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer

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The following are some important points to consider when hiring a wedding photographer:

  • Has the photographer done any other wedding or is he/she doing this for fun? You must be comfortable with the photography experience level.
  • The photographer will be interacting with your guests at your wedding. Does the photographer have an outgoing personality? Does he/she present themselves well in special events?
  • Please explore the photographer’s portfolio. Would you be happy having your wedding coverage done in a similar style? Many photographers provide various styles such as photojournalism, formal, classic candid, and so on. Are you happy with your photographer style of photography?
  • Is this the photographer that will be photographing your wedding or will they send in whomever is available. Don’t be shocked, this happens more often than you can imagine. Be certain that you know which photographer is going to be there and that you see his/her work and meet with that individually face to face. Many photography studios will send whichever photographer that is available during your wedding day.
  • Although the last thing you want to do is shop by price, you must consider if the price is within your budget? If not, is he or she worth the price difference? Make sure you understand what everything costs, including reprints and albums. Be sure to explore the different packages and select according to your budget.
  • How long does it take to get your proofs back, thank you cards, online albums, your finished print album, your bridal portrait, etc.?
  • Whether it’s a la carte or a package, do you understand what you are getting? Is there any room for changes and will it cost to do so? Sometimes the packages are fixed, sometimes they can be customized, in any case, ask. How much time will he/she spend? What if you need more time? Make sure that you know what’s coming.
  • Personal reference is always the best and people love to talk. Get a list of references from the photographer and see what they had to say. A photographer who doesn’t have references or is afraid to give them to you may not be the person that you need to hire.

It is important to meet the photographer ahead of time and discuss any important times during the ceremony. If they have an assistant, it would be great to coordinate so they are not in any of the photographs. It is also important to ensure that the photographer is dressed well and blends in with the crowd. If the photographer is planning to come earlier to take photographs of the venue, please make arrangements so that they have access.

If you have considered these points, you should feel comfortable that your photographer will do their best on your wedding day. So relax and focus on having a good time on your special day.

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