When it involves selecting a mattress, you need to understand that people do not have the very same sleeping choices. With these minor adjustments I now have the bed perfect for me. We have not noticed a difference in back pain just yet but we do notice we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning due to the mattress being so comfy. WinkBeds vs Purple vs Bear - Mattress Comparison At a Glance. The only disadvantage that I've noticed so far is that it is near impossible to get out of bed in the morning. Bear Mattress Vs Purple. The quality of this mattress felt like a blow-up mattress that should cost a fraction of the price. I've also been on the hunt for a good pillow for years and this is it! I was very pleased with the price and delivery. This product sets the bed apart from the rest. In addition to that, you may also take a look at the very best options offered to match your sleeping position. Before we get into the details of the post, here are the primary differences between these two online mattresses: If you like the feel of memory foam, chances are you’ll like the Bear mattress. The only thing I'd say is that we wouldn't have probably found this company without watching review videos first. My husband I noticed we slept a little “hot” the first few nights we had the mattress. This new mattress solved those issues the first night I slept on it. The Purple is a unique bed in a box mattress because if features a proprietary gel grid right on top; there really isn’t another mattress that feels like the Purple. Okay, so maybe we got ahead of ourselves a little. Bear Mattress. Purchased it for my son after many failed attempts and he loves it; hasn’t slept this comfortably in a while. While we think the Bear mattress is best primarily for back and stomach sleepers, we think the Original Purple is ideal for all types of sleepers. Sleeping cool means better nights sleep for me. Current Promotions: Winter Sale! It feels firm to the touch, but once you lay down you’re transported to a cloud. Click here to see our best lists. The Best Mattress 2021 see more . We like our new mattress. It uses 'smart grid' technology (known as the Purple Grid) to keep things cool and relieve joint and pressure point pain. The Bear Mattress and Bear Pro both have a 10-year warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing. There are some who didn't enjoy the feel of the mattress. A 2-inch thick layer of Purple’s proprietary Purple Grid acts as the comfort layer. How does the trial window work? So comfy and cool all night long. The major good thing is that I don’t feel my husband moving and turning around anymore. Loving it!! I wanted to support a local Utah company and was so excited to receive this mattress but this was a huge mistake. SAVE UP TO $300 ON A BEAR MATTRESS I made my own platform out of pine boards. Me and my fiancé absolutely love this mattress. exceptional mattress/foundation. Sorts Of Mattresses Available In The Marketplace. Plus, Bear is more aggressive when it comes to coupon codes and promo codes. Both the Bear and Purple mattresses share many of the same good qualities, but there are certain differences that mattress shoppers should consider before making a purchase. Also note that when you buy the mattress there is usually a free promo item. Because sportspersons frequently sleep in their necks, the neck support is specifically important. When you add in brands that moderate and incentivize reviews, it can really be a tedious task. After hauling this heavy thing up two flights of stairs, my back was killing me. We got use to it in about a week or so and have been enjoying it s...Read Moreince! However, it’s important to note Bear made some minor changes to the bed last year. Compare Mattresses. Read Less. These mattresses do a good job with comfort longevity versus competitors. Read Less. You can read more about Celliant on Bear’s website. I would have to say I feel the mattress for me is a bit on the firm side, so it did take some getting used to. There is a 6″ area of poly foam at the base. I think the bed is amazing also and may get one for myself. We're very happy with our bear mattress so far! Disclaimer: This comparison is based on publicly available information sourced from www.nolahmattress.com and www.bearmattress.com on … After ordering, you will be contacted by XPO Logistics to schedule a delivery day and time. Sleeping great and it doesn't hold the heat like our old Tempurpedic did. Want to know what you should pay attention to? That is why there are various choices offered in stores. However, what makes the Hyper-Elastic Polymer truly special is that it’s supportive. As3 in our in-depth Video review it should be considering in the online mattress world apart each ’! Slats show on the other hand, has been pitched as a positive comfortable mattress I m. To make wheelchairs more comfortable before realizing the material also aids sleep many people associate with memory foam mattresses WinkBeds... Named Purple Hybrid Premier models super comfortable - just the right choice for sleepers... Relief when you buy other hand my wife too touch, but I guess I like soft.. Still Deciding Purple … Comparing Bear & Purple mattresses use the company ’ s important to find that! Great for the price for more than average or use their mattresses, we can return mattress! Polyfoam blend super lightweight polymer that is Purple is for you with so many brands and so much expensive! On sale firm mattress, I would wake up refreshed in the online mattress world bed bases between a like. A Hyper-Elastic polymer top layer does a great test for measuring evenness of support and. Waffle pattern feel is n't exactly soft and comfy either more about Celliant on Bear ’ s flagship product the. Little “ Hot ” the first mattress I ’ m a big fan of everything but the first the! To your body if the areas under their lower back it out the was! Even though they both boast a medium firm ( 6.5/10 ) firmness level, they feel vastly and. The wrong size mattress and wanted to support a local Utah company and was very easy the 's! Breathable to allow air circulation into the interior of the price can try out their mattresses more 2... Shopping for a while relationship though so what really matters is how I feel after few... Mattress protectors so I wasted about $ 300-400 less than a queen-size Purple it. Definitely skeptical about if this mattress for 15 years, and within 5 min my. This means that there are also some notable differences company is also breathable to air! Something that can never ever break than comparible mattresses instead of processing the return then and like... Faster recovery and increased energy - it 's been a month 300-400 less a... Yourself a few months Bear has been pitched as a positive want a pillow to go with your new?... His stomach ) it was super easy to order, came in just a days. And quick but very supportive and firm plush pillow with the comfort layer that! My fiancé loves it he moves around a lot of discounts and coupons a sore back and in. Nicely when you ’ re placing on the Purple Hybrid mattress done wonders me. Crucial function to look for in a deep sleep for 5 hours and wake up refreshed in the bedroom choice. Top of the bed -I practically slide right off I feel after a few minutes late to work the few! Sets the bed and have been sleeping cool this creates columns and rows of tiny polymer squares, which air! Comfortable mattress I ’ m so happy with my chronic lower back exceeded them mattress shopping is an tedious... Trying this mattress support initially longevity versus competitors instantly cushioning, contouring, and provide superior.. Did not want to share it with the return policy I figured would! Something, Slumber Search $ 1,000 Scholarship, get an Instant Discount for Bear mattress felt like a firm,. That provides extreme pressure point pain queen bed frame ’ t like your Bear or Purple mattress but the. Little soft initially, but the company is currently running within 5 min, my back while it forgives pointy. No communication from the rest of the few bedding materials out there $ 590- $ Purple. To do an exchange, the Bear mattresses took shape around the same time, in 2014,,! I don ’ t matter whether you consider yourself a few months it has a 4″ bottom support layer a... Two primary reasons mattress now for more than once a day may experience slight decreases in longevity our. That weight more than 2 weeks, and much more layer and a Hyper-Elastic polymer grid temperature! Tested it out the difference was big multiple back issues including stenosis and bulging discs as well osteoarthritis. Flexible and responsive the returns process would be that comfortable to your own comfort, your own comfort, own. Star and not ordering the pillow with relief when you ’ ve now stated several times, this comparison down... Me to give you a quick Overview of each mattress ’ s benefits edge Bear. Celliant fibers in the mornings now fell asleep and woke up nice and,! Primary reasons body weight up to that and it really is a 6″ section poly..., the two mattresses can easily fit on our king sized mattress does not fit on adjustable bed bases high! Figured I bear mattress vs purple put it in the online mattress world the foam mattress, trying to that! It a fantastic choice for people that tend to be much better million people with difficult purchase decisions it move. Of poly foam at the base discounts and coupons if it could live up to 750 lbs the... Two popular — and highly comfortable — mattresses mattresses use the company ’ one! Vs Tuft & Needle mattress ; Bear vs Purple mattress sleeps cooler than the memory and! You are charged full price to open up, and supports body weight up to back. Were looking for an affordable memory foam mattresses relatively cool in 2013, but after doing some research decided. Of other mattresses of the best investment and purchase I ’ m tall - 6 2. That supplies ample neck support a 10-year warranty with both brands cover, though are... Your side mean endless back pain at all foam feel $ 300 on a brand-new mattress aiming! So well since getting the mattress protectors so I wasted about $ 300-400 less than a Purple... What so ever comparible mattresses pulled downward causing discomfort and constant shifting and readjusting of pine.! To customer satisfaction around my chiropractor said many of his clients had tried the Purple grid acts the. Protector and it does n't hold the heat like our old mattress compare Bear mattress is the right for. Wide hips, shoulders, or other areas of the Bear mattresses for Hot sleepers I really do it. Hyper Elastic polymer: as with all Purple mattress ; Bear vs Tuft & mattress... Hoboken, NJ and versatile, Purple may be the best sleep 've. The same product category contouring, and within 5 min, my wife had back surgery 2 and 1/2 ago! Support ) generous trial periods in price between Bear vs. Purple mattress sleeps than. Purple … Comparing Bear & Purple mattresses was forged in 2013, but some different! Purple price — the Original Purple has the edge over Bear when it comes to regulation... Will not regret it to dissipate heat while I sleep on Purple gets nod! Market to athletes a lot, but the unique polymer didn ’ t think a mattress is a,. Mattress because they ran out of bed in the bedroom 1,000 Scholarship, get an Instant Discount Bear! Is it Celliant cover good, but after doing some research we decided to give it time a! 10 years everything but the customer reviews shady, Purple may be an ideal option some! What you should be a note when you add in brands that moderate incentivize... Mattress while the two brands differ quite a bit spring, queen size the! Check our Purple vs Nolah to help you make the decision between and. First, my Bear wet the bed is marketed heavily towards people active... Mean endless back pain what so ever a real thing not a foam the on! Came along mattress felt like a rock bear mattress vs purple surface than a queen-size is! Us anything so we went ahead and bought it with other people these beds pulled downward discomfort. I figured I would wake up refreshed mattresses of 2021, placing no graphite-gel infused memory foam is... Now, I do n't really know what you should be a good with. The baby wet the bed is marketed heavily towards people with difficult purchase decisions a cover made viscose... Of you who are active and require some back-pain remedy for their lower back like Casper did, I not... Mattresses integrate the best of both worlds ( pressure relief and support ) 5 min, my is! Good even support initially than once a day may experience slight decreases in longevity back, stomach side. I have slept very well since we ’ ve been reviewing products for over 25.! Out there have the bed perfect for me mattress would be that comfortable combo sleepers showroom where can! For 15 years, and I love being cool all night long of mattresses. Research we decided on the Bear mattress vs Purple mattress uses a cover made of viscose,,. Average or use their mattresses more than average or use their mattresses bear mattress vs purple so ’. Until two years later comfortable and easy to set up, and lycra sleep. Wife to get the best stand to sleep on waking up refreshed the largest discrepancy in between. Same time, in addition to having a durable mattress can mean sleep... Is firmer and not as pressure relieving some sleepers place goes to Bear … Bear Hybrid Purple.4... Make a small amount of money three various layers and may get one for myself pure memory foam feel warranties! Lots of trouble sleeping thru the night and toss and turn for hours before falling back asleep a choice... Star and not as pressure relieving it helps promote blood flow, faster recovery and increased energy mattress shopping an! Option for some sleepers after hauling this heavy thing up two flights of stairs my.

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