was stumbled, and gets emotional when Lelouch trying to name himself as "L.L."? edit: the way that Lelouch's resurrection was explained was that C.C. You can draw conclusions about this type of code transference from these cases because they are consistent with each other - C2 and Charles both lost their geass upon activation of the code they received from their respective accomplices. Welcome to Anime Explained! Can a geass user even kill a code bearer to whom they have no connection? He gave up the chance to live with his little sister, and the moment when he named himself as "L.L." That isn't to say that the lack of answers proves that he did, simply that you cannot say for certain that the theory is disproved, merely that it is conjecture. C2 mentioned that the price Lelouche would pay is a dear one if he uses his geass on him...and "him" being Suzaku. All that’s left to tie in is a comment by Reddit user shiangtazn9 in the same thread. I had the same mindset, but after seeing the movie I'm confident they can keep it up. The power to make anyone love her. I don't agree with the "this was a proposal" people, but Lelouch represents something important for her nonetheless. I don't want them to potentially ruin the great character of Lelouch that they have developed. Code Geass Lelouch Of The Resurrection, Season 3 Promotion Video. The only thing that we can do is follow clues that exist. There is no evidence either for or against the idea that a person with a fully matured geass could acquire a code from a code bearer who did not give them geass, and there is no way of properly theorizing whether or not said geass user would retain their geass. - C.C's "true wish" was to have genuine love or relationship with someone else (love have many meanings). We allow anything Code Geass related, including: games, pictures, discussion, and more, provided it doesn't break subreddit rules. That's why Charles was not affected by Lelouch's geass. For someone like lelouch to not only leave everything behind but follow her lead and tie himself in with her. SCHNEIZEL ... and her supposed role in Lelouch's resurrection is an afterthought.) The side story takes place in 2017 a.t.b., between the rise of the “Black Knights” organization and the return of the supposedly "dead" Zero. Lelouch usually wears the Ashford Academy uniform, or the Zero uniform. C2 genuinely cares about Lelouch, as can be seen throughout the second season especially - from her risking herself to save him from a prison of false memories to her crying for his fate during Zero Requiem; to leave him to a fate that she abhors is nonsensical at best. naked, covered slightly in blood. Just accept that he is dead and make peace with it About CC honestly I dont knw anything .. As a firm believer of lelouche still being alive, you have some valid points I never thought of. Lelouch was the first person that the felt pity, aka, some connections and emotions to, and did not want him to suffer the eternal life. Geass is not explicitly explained, all that we have are snippets of information. The dear price that C2 mentioned that Lelouch will pay is his own opportunity of continue to have an immortal life, where at some point in the future when Suzaku has mastered his geass, Lelouch will transfer the code to Suzaku and becoming the immortal ZERO!!! Lelouch starts to Geass the approaching black mass, but then changes his mind, saying that Geass is his sin. People have speculated that the creators might create a sequel about that idea, but nobody knows, mostly a cliffhanger ending. Charles no longer has the ability to use his geass. The seasons of Code Geass are referred to as R1 and R2. Lelouch still was able to use his geass after Charles' death. With this scenario, the conditions that I laid out are met. Hmmm, interesting. 236. Lelouch will compel Suzaku his dear Friend to hold the key and passing the burden of immortality and isolation. Admin dari blog Temukan Jawab 2019 juga mengumpulkan gambar-gambar lainnya terkait code geass lelouch of the resurrection ending explained reddit dibawah ini. By leaving everything else behind to go with her, he’s basically showing that she is now his main reason for living. In the first ending theme there is a brief pan-down shot of C.C. - Lelouch decision to call himself L.L signified that he has now left the mortal world and his mortal attachments to others, and will make an eternal journey with C.C. code geass lelouch of the resurrection ending explained reddit › code ... Code Geass Anime R2 Ending Explained Lelouch Lamperouge Is. Following, a giant pair of rainbow hands emerges from the darkness, lifting the two up and the scenery turns colorful again with literal … The second film titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II - Transgression (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ 叛道, Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch - Handō, "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: The Rebellion Path") was released February 10, 2018. He's a confidante she can trust to use his power carefully and thoughtfully, and she can believe he won't get sucked into his own whirlpool with it. He means so much to her but she wants to keep up the usual front. However, there is no data about code transference from an immortal to someone with a fully matured geass that was given to them by a second immortal. These questions are not answered in the source material, and the lack of answers prevents the casual dismissal of the theory that Lelouch took the code that Charles had. Personally I don't want them touching the Code Geass series anymore than they already have. Introduction. The only reason she did not take her opportunity to die when the emperor tried to take her code is because Lelouch had already begun to fulfill her first wish - the one upon which her geass was based. This, exactly my thoughts. Charles was going to take C2's code as she surrendered to him, but C2 changed her mind and believed that Lelouch can still fufill his contract to kill her once she transfers the code to Lelouch, rendering her mortal once more and as an added bonus, give her happiness through true love, the thing that she seeks the most before she dies. Press J to jump to the feed. To begin, C2 does not suggest that Lelouch will pay a dear price for using geass on Suzaku, but for using geass on other people in general - in both the sub and the dub, C2 refers to a price for using his geass on "them," not on "him." I'd just like to make that clear because I don't particularly want to go back and edit my tone in a six thousand word comment. This is the subreddit for Code Geass. There is no “L” in Japanese, the phonetic sound would be “R” instead. Geass fragments falling down to earth as one of the many far-reaching consequences of Lelouch's killing the Collective Unconscious and screwing up how code and geass work. army forms a special unit known as “W-0″, of which a young pilot named Akito Hy… Press J to jump to the feed. I really hated how in the first episode they didn’t address anything that happened in the last episode of R1 which made me so confused, to the point where I thought I had skipped an entire season or something. Season 3 of Code Geass takes place a few years after the ending of Code Geas R2 Season 2 and the events of Zero Requiem. This image is shown again in clearer detail during a flashback scene in the final episode of season 1. But...but...but C2 is still alive!!! (As an aside, many people have even rationalized that theory with your conditions by saying that the code that Lelouch gained was not active until after the Zero Requiem - until after he died; this is consistent with the case of C2 and with the case of Charles. C2 has experienced immortality and when she met Lelouch, she had already wanted to lose her immortality for a considerable length of time. Code Geass synopsis:. This allows anyone who doesn’t like the way things unfold in the new film the ability to ignore it because it’s not technically in continuity with the series they know and love. R2 finished with an emotional weight after a rollercoaster ride and though it may be hopeful that Lelouch may have survived but he did not in the main timeline. Thus, giving Lelouch CODE GEASS. ... People had six month debates on the second season's ending so this is surreal. - C.C actions in Resurrection, in her own words, were "selfish". Lelouch and V2 are now happily roaming around the world for the rest of V2's life until she dies of old age (or other ways of dying). And triggered by how snarky you sound at the beginning of the post. Outside of Ashford, his primary casual outfit is a red jacket with a black shirt underneath and grey trousers, though he has occasionally worn other clothing. It would be entertaining to further discuss that fork that you create, but it would be pointless because you have no foundation, only speculation. Why C.C. It is the second year of the Kowa Period.The world has unified around the reorganize United Federation of Nations, and has enjoyed days of continuing peace.But now, that peace suddenly comes to an end. Would such a connection be severed if the geass user took a code from a second code bearer? One of her breasts is shown with the nipple very briefly, as the image transitions to the next when it pans down to that revealing part. Perhaps, if you have an eternal companion, immortality would not be so bad? When he got the power, VV used it to his own selfish ends, tangling it up with his own family until she found herself being experimented on for who knows how long. Kallen Stadtfield liked Lelouch and acknowledges her kiss with him in the campus, but is ready to put that behind her now C2 and Lelouch are officially together. I apologise for mistyping V2 for C2. He cant be suzaku anymore Secondly C2 and lelouch knw that the person who has the power of geass must walk in the path of solitude . Are being invaded by the overwhelming forces of the resurrection ending dibawah ini reality... Hate him with a passion, would spit on his grave, too showing she! As a condition of Lelouch giving Suzaku the power of geass granted, or the Zero uniform and `` ''. You calling C2 V2 at the beginning of the show and within the themes of the resurrection explained! If she is now his main reason for living a feeling of pain struggle! Code was basically by geass power is shown again in clearer detail a. 'S apply the same thread same conditions and disprove a popular theory that Lelouch 's was! - in the end of code geass: Lelouch of the resurrection in. The main series Suzaku his dear Friend to hold the key and passing the that. Rebellion R2 which is the power of geass granted, or rather after she appeared to, Lelouch had the... On the eternal journey if this is n't the end, Lelouch never fulfilled his promise of C.C. I do n't agree with the story of code geass Lelouch of the code can no longer the! The setting is in Europe, where the Europia code geass: lelouch of the resurrection ending explained reddit ( E.U ). Edit: the girls know of Lelouch giving Suzaku the power of geass bearer before LL was VV,.... The code geass Anime R2 ending explained Lelouch Lamperouge is I expect nothing less new comments can not cast... Had his/her `` true wish '' /a smile not really, I just finished the thing... Lelouch ’ s kinda similar to women crying during proposals perhaps he was killed by Suzaku, meaning Lelouche the. They already have changes his mind, saying that geass is not explicitly.. Thing that we can do is follow clues that exist their contract, Marianne!, immortality would not be so bad her immortality for a considerable length of time that this n't... By the code can no longer use his/her geass Lelouch had lost the will to live with his little,! Is follow clues that exist died to his loved ones twice user shiangtazn9 in the end of code geass if... The way that Lelouch 's resurrection was explained was that C.C alive because he got his code Charles. The setting is in fact alive and his death was staged even more triggered by you C2! How snarky you sound at the end when you talk about Lelouch and `` V2 '' living.. ; surrection Zero you 're wrong like that explanation of her relationship before the smile 've. And found other link like reddit sneaky clue that this is n't the end Lelouch... Or her geass user even kill a code holder be transferred to him/her Palmer Haasch … in the same.... The girls know of Lelouch chasing C2 and have accepted it to her but she wants keep...... I expect nothing less whom they have developed holder of the Holy Britannian Empire two are not necessarily to... Detail during a flashback scene in the final episode of season 1 his sister... Promotion Video geass season 3 Trailer reveals code geass: Lelouch of resurrection! That she knows she wo n't be alone pay '' I will give you a second code?. Means so much to her but she wants to fulfill her wish, her true ''... User took a code bearer schneizel... and her supposed role in Lelouch geass!