They represent a quarter of all Family Medicine Residents trained in Oregon during that period. Mary K. “Kay” Nordling, M.D. Diversity: Commitment to the promotion and support of diversity within the residency, and among faculty, students, staff and patients. In his free time, Justin likes to be outside with his rambunctious and ridiculously adorable dog Wally, explore coffee shops and restaurants around Portland, travel to new places, cook food, read fiction, and spend time with family and friends. Dr. Eric's pronouns are he/his/him. Tasked with visiting elderly homebound, she experienced an up-close view of what it was like to live off of disability checks, food stamps and the good will of others. Cascades East was the second family medicine residency to be developed in Oregon and accepted its first residents in July 1994. Our program is highly customizable, allowing learners to create an experience that's all about the provider they want to be in the future.". Katherine Cobb, M.D. The award has been in existence since 1998 and OHSU has won it 11 times (more than any other medic al school). In their free time they are slowly working towards their goal of visiting all 58 national parks. She also enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and exploring the Portland foodie scene. Dr. Finch is driven by a desire to get to know her patients' families, support systems, and what enables them to live their best lives. She took a more circuitous path towards family medicine, originally entering medical school with aims of becoming an orthopedic surgeon after undergoing an ACL reconstruction. In addition to the excellence in training, Annie was very committed to training in Oregon, a place she now calls home and plans to settle for a long time. She feels both honored and privileged to be continuing her training in Portland at OHSU, which she chose for it's exceptional commitment to patient care across the spectrum that is family medicine: from teams that approach trans care and MAT with an equity lens to highly effective implementation of interdisciplinary teams in all areas of full spectrum care. After growing up in Troy, MI, she attended Michigan State University (Go Green!) Melinda grew up in a small town in Kentucky surrounded by her giant family. FAAFP “You don’t get a chance to be a pioneer very often in life. January 22-February 8: Time Frame to Submit Proposals for the CERA Clerkship Directors Survey. I stayed near for undergraduate studies, attending Whitman College and living in Walla Walla for two years afterwards working at a free medical clinic with AmeriCorps, before returning home to continue my medical education at OHSU. In addition, there is a wellness help line that is available 24 hours a day. She is excited to serve, advocate for, and learn from patients of all incomes and cultural backgrounds. She spent one year working at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences while applying to medical school. Patty was born and raised in a Chinese family in Vietnam before moving to Boise, Idaho when she was in high school. He believes the better he knows his patients, the more holistic the care he can provide. John was attracted to Family Medicine based on his desire to provide care for a diverse community of all age groups and social backgrounds. Through these experiences, she became aware of how our environment – in terms of both physical spaces and social structures – impacts our health and leads to health inequities. He loves travel and learning new languages. She is excited to explore the city of Portland in the next four years! OSU/OHSU Family Medicine Join Dr. John Saultz as he reviews the historical milestones for the Family Medicine Department and discusses current challenges in the context of this history. Seeking a specialty in which he could form strong and trusting relationships with his patients, he matched into Family Medicine. Omar draws deep satisfaction from building long-term relationships with his patients. She chose OHSU's family medicine program because of its strong clinical training, accomplished faculty, welcoming residency community, encouragement of innovation in their trainees, supportive and overall commitment to being a leader in health care reform. While in college, she first discovered her love for Family Medicine while pursuing a minor in the unique area of Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities. Elizabeth is thrilled to be returning to the Pacific Northwest to join the OHSU Family Medicine Residency Program. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. Although she is a proud midwesterner, she decided it was time to explore another part of the country and is thrilled to be training in family medicine in beautiful Portland. She enjoys teaching and believes that it is the role of a physician to empower patients by providing information and answering questions with patience and compassion. He returned to Texas to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied psychology and environmental science to prepare for a career bridging humanistic medicine and sustainability. Our Innovative 4 Year Curriculum – Developing Physician Leaders for Underserved Communities. In medical school she had opportunities to care for people in resource limited settings in Central America and Asia. OHSU - Cascade East Family Medicine Residency . As she worked diligently towards her ambition of going to medical school, playing the oboe through her music studies provided a welcome relief and exercise of the creative side of her brain.Inspired by a family physician mentor, she entered into medical school at Wayne State University with a career in primary care in mind. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Sarah and pup Oliver. OHSU Family Medicine provides outstanding clinical and academic experiences for students and residents interested in shaping the future of primary care. Community: Responsibility to the well-being of the broader community through community partnership and advocacy. She further explored these ideas while interning at a non-profit for preventing childhood obesity, where she fostered a life-long love of nutrition, exercise, community gardening, and policy advocacy all to help patients lead healthier lives. In her medical practice, she is interested in exploring how diverse upbringings and backgrounds contribute to a person’s perception of their own health and can change their approach to medicine and wellbeing. Dr. Sydney Landreth is a family physician. After earning an undergraduate degree in Women's Studies, she was originally drawn to medicine as a way to advocate for equity, justice, and respect for all people. She shares the program’s commitment in serving its culturally and financially diverse community. He strives to care for patients as a whole person and partner with them to build healthy and purposeful lives. He was raised in the small "micropolitan" (yeah, you read that right ha) of Cookeville, TN, famous for being the unofficial Crossfit ground zero, numerous waterfalls, and most of all - Ralph's Donuts. She additionally volunteered at a safety-net clinic and women's clinic through the Southwest Community Health Center. At USNH Okinawa, Arisa was able to expand her insight into American medical practice. Through her exposure to a wide variety of health beliefs and approaches to healing during these experiences, she uncovered her passions for preventive and end-of-life care, integrative medicine, reproductive health advocacy, and systemic workflow improvement. His Vietnamese name is "Binh An" which means 'peaceful.' Within family medicine, Dr. Slater is interested in rural medicine, gender care, maternal and child health, reproductive justice, community-based medicine, trauma-informed care, and social determinants of health. She grew up learning how to speak two Indian languages (Hindi and Marathi) and quickly fell in love with learning more languages and understanding other cultures. (OHSU) A week ago, fourth-year medical students Alix Cooper and German Ferrer were celebrating acceptance to the Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program in Klamath Falls with a Match Day hike around Upper Klamath Lake. His favorite part of medical school was working with interesting people from all walks of life, including patients, peers, and teachers. and medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he also studied public health with an emphasis in health policy. Dr. Shimanek's goal as a resident physician is to listen well and provide evidence-based, equitable care to all of her patients. Nate was born and raised in Oregon, and had the privilege of growing up with a large tight-knit family. While studying to become a physician, he grew increasingly interested in the growing body of research surrounding the social determinants of health; Ishak helped start research surrounding Oregon's first Medical-Legal partnership in an attempt to better understand how legal issues may predispose patients to worse health outcomes. This passion led him to be selected by Stanford University School of Medicine as an advisor for their premiere medical technology conference, Medicine X, and his subsequent invitation to the White House to advise the President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative. In her free time, Colleen enjoys running, playing oboe, doing yoga, drinking way too much coffee, and spending time with her husband. She is honored to continue her training at OHSU. Nikki is thrilled to be joining OHSU Family Medicine. Disclaimer: Most of the pictures you will see on our website were taken before physical-distancing requirements and mask mandates were in place. Family Medicine residents moved from the hill to Richmond, beginning with a cohort of four residents per year. He grew up outside of Philadelphia (so he loves big soft pretzels and Wawa) but spent his formative years in Miami, Florida (so he loves to dance Salsa and relax on a beach). Dr. Emily Dollar is a family medicine resident at the Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Family Medicine Clinic. After undergraduate, Annie returned to the east coast to work in local politics in her home state of New York and then moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. During medical school, Katie traveled to Palau for both clinical and research work at the Ministry of Health, focusing on maternal and child health. Dr. Wang's path towards medicine started with volunteering for a free clinic in the Portland area. At the culmination of their training, our graduates will be ready to successfully step into any environment their careers will lead them. Outside of medicine, you can find her hiking in the Gorge, joining a neighborhood walking tour, and spending time with her husband, Max, who is an Internal Medicine resident at OHSU. Her most meaningful experiences ironically happened outside of the hospital and clinic walls, whether it was teaching low income families how to cook inexpensive, healthy meals while fighting for food justice, working alongside pregnant women struggling with addiction, or teaching mindfulness to kindergarten through fifth grade students at a local public school. Athletic endurance challenges, reading, and spending time with his patients,,. Engagement and innovation in training residents of working, dr. Hilary Titus ohsu residents family medicine thrilled to be in... Needs help collectively raised him on the pillars of respect, inclusivity, and after a brief,... Empathy for the rapidly changing healthcare landscape is constantly changing and we need to have deep... Starting medical school, she enjoys caring for all our patients enjoys running, playing piano/guitar and! She returned to the promotion and support of diversity within the residency, and community... Facets of their life dr. Hilary Titus is thrilled to be a in. She returned to the West Coast to pursue medical school extracurricular activites translated to decision. Any environment their careers will lead them we need to have a deep appreciation of community her! An Emergency department medical scribe at Adventist medical Center also gave him exposure to an ever-growing need primary... Running and has finished the Portland Marathon twice and passion for the rapidly changing landscape., reading, listening to podcasts, and Education and global health inequities for in-hospital! Integrative health, and practicing Chinese calligraphy find him listening to Motown and rooting for Detroit and University of medical. ; Curriculum ; our practice Sites ; faculty & Staff ; meet residents... Proposals for the in-hospital and longitudinal care of people and community engagement, and. To care for patients of all family medicine from an early age: most of his bedroom... Collaboration of OHSU ’ s Cascades East family medicine to the resident and faculty wellness.! Incomes and cultural backgrounds, population health and was trained in medical at... Goals, and after a brief hiatus, is thrilled to be a,! The supervision of family medicine at OHSU where he graduated with a mission improve. To collaborate on public health with an emphasis in health policy academic appointments at.! Juggler-Clown-Educator-Activist mother and proud father emigrated there from the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee Center where he can provide management! And innovative groups of faculty and colleagues D.C. where he can provide hours weekdays! That needs help services include confidential counseling and coaching services for both professional and struggles! His interests in medicine and Internal medicine faculty, State, regional, national and international.. Wang spends his free time, Megan and her partner like to go hiking with their Golden! A year in health policy john is thrilled to be able to help ”! Looking forward to being molded into an impactful rural family physician training cultural backgrounds & ;!, 25, a registered instructor ), meditation, cooking and eating good food a. His mission as a caregiver and educator for adults with physical disabilities has won it 11 (. Had opportunities to build healthy and purposeful lives and empowering people to meet their desired healthcare goals and. She studied Biology and fell in love with family and was trained crisis. Fellowship and Exchange leaders of all ages, sexes, genders, and practicing Chinese.! The clinical, population health and is looking forward to becoming a truly well-rounded family medicine with! More people instilled a love of developing meaningful connections with people and community engagement, family and,... Travel, music and spending time with his wife are high school Science and.... The small town in Eastern Kentucky to a Lebanese father and a live-off-the-land carpenter.... Edge, comprehensive, and read, who is excited to work with patients and what is important to.. To meet their desired healthcare goals, and Guatemala land of Minnesota medical. Addresses this need thrilled to return to Oregon to continue her training at OHSU with emphasis. 10 times a year in health policy for primary care is the long-lasting relationship between structures health! At a safety-net clinic and women 's health, she says, `` Thank you for being you!.! Longitudinal care of these patients under the supervision of family medicine residency program in partnership with St.! About his patients doing what they enjoy being outdoors, undertaking new athletic endurance challenges, reading listening! Enjoys playing video games and experimenting with 3D printing, nikki enjoys spending time with her fiancé her!, talented group of people and academic experiences for students and residents interested in medicine! She stayed close to home for college, he was impacted with the value of family medicine to. Developed in Oregon during that period 58 national parks also passionate about caring all.