Or are they something else? To that end, this particular silencer is completely user-serviceable and employs a monocore baffle syst So much so that I can’t understand why more people aren’t buying these rifles. . Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Anyways, besides for CMMG Inc and Wilson Combat, Radical Firearms is the prominent manufacturer of rifles chambering 458 SOCOM. I know the smell of PR spin when it passes my nostrils, and this felt a little…off. You should contact them at [email protected] they will take care of you. Have a radical carbine in 7.62x39. Just now starting to show issues with running dry (rain does not count) and shit cheap magazines. Sometimes simple is better. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. Satisfies. I was recently afforded the opportunity to tour the company’s facility in the sweltering belly of Houston and meet with the folks working behind the scenes. I bought a complete 10.5 556 upper from PA,and I bought a 10.5 556 barrel and pistol extension kit from RF direct. I love it. I’d buy this pistol again and again – it’s a solid weapon. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: 36" Single Gun Case and 7 30-round AR-15 D&H Mags - $150, Palmetto State Armory: EOTech 512 Holographic Sight - $433 with code "512" (normally $475), Brownells: Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope - $600 (Normally $690). When I was researching them beforehand, I saw a lot of comments from others about the low quality of their products, and machining issues, and “Chinesium” and on and on and on. It doesn't malfunction but I was def. Radical Firearms AR15 Rifles and AR15 Pistols for the shooting enthusiast. I've had both good and bad experiences with RF: Matthew Collins is a writer, editor, competitive shooter, hobby-level gunsmith and general firearms enthusiast. 3. While they may be solid CQB weapons right out of the factory, there are endless ways to add tactical upgrades to them. And again, there’s nothing wrong with a budget rifle, as long as it works. Radical customer service was amazing, and sent me a new one right away. At 100 yards I'm 1 MOA about half the time using a cheap UTG 3-12 first focal plane scope and I'm NOT a highly skilled shooter. Does any upper fit any lower? Privacy Policy and Will it knock the wings off a fly at a thousand yards? Fairly accurate not a tack driver but very combat effective, hit everything I shot at out to 200yds. Best Bang-For-The-Buck Scope Magpul ASAP Singlepoint sling mount. I’m talking, complete rifles selling for $500-$600, 16” 4140 Chromoly Barrel With Melonite Coating, Radical Firearms Forged MIL-STD Upper Receiver, Radical Firearms 15″ MHR Hybrid Rail System. I'm fat and happy! 2.You are responsible for ensuring that the firearm is in compliance with all local and State laws. Several thousand rounds thru each with absolutely no upper induced problems. I had purchased a different one directly from Radical Firearms, but it would not have arrived in time for The She-Shepherd’s bday. American made by vets, huge plus. Not that I don’t trust the folks at Radical Firearms, I just don’t trust anybody, especially not when they’re offering me cheap prices. forgot to mention that the price was at the manufacturers website. I have put approximately 17,000 rounds through it and have had no issues. Prices accurate at time of writing As a MIL-SPEC rifle, the Radical Firearms AR is an excellent tactical weapon capable of some pretty impressive things. Is this just the breaking in period? Does anyone have any experience with it or have any recommendations for other uppers? Shoots ok now, was getting 1 1/4” groups at 100yards. Radical Firearms offers their Lifetime Warranty on all products manufactured by as long as you own the product. Been a trooper. I’ve put about 300 rounds through it with no other issues. Terms of Service apply. The RFUPPERv1.0.75 model was $279.99 before shipping, and did not include a BCG or charging handle. Zero issues with that pistol and we dressed it up to look badass and it is. 2) I equipped the pistol with a set of polymer Magpul MBUS. I think a good shooter will get 1 MOA out of it. I say take a dive into RF because the water is just fine for those of us who enjoy putting cheap rifles together that keep up with the big boys...at least for range rats and hog hunters. I have a Radical Firearms RF-15 (5.56). Pewpewtactical.com If you’re always hunting deals (make sure you like and follow us on Facebook, we post 3-4 every day) you probably have seen something from Radical Firearms for sale on the cheap.. I’m talking, complete rifles selling for $500-$600, uppers for $200…that kind of cheap. Lastly, or what it's worth I own a DDM4 V7 LW with the rattle can cerakote. and accuracy is great for the dollar. Amazon (See Price) But those rifles have an extra digit on their price tag. RF 'fixed' it. Found the gas block was on crooked, fixed that. Shoots straight and runs like butter. Of course this is a Sub MOA rifle in the hands of another son who shoots it very well. I’ve put a couple 1000 rounds through it with no issues. Now, like I said, Radical and PS buried the hatchet over the misunderstanding and everyone moved on. FYI, the pistol has a 4.5 lb CMC duty trigger and the DelTon lower has a Geissle 3.5 lb . RF Pistol buffer kit. I am very happy with the purchase. The Bottomless Nylon Money Pit Crye Prevision Airlite Convertible Chest Rig! No issues. var PPT_APS = PPT_APS || {}; ... upper and bolt group was 318 bucks lower is KE arms .mp trigger and pin kit . One thing...you mentioned they "buried the hatchet" with PS, but never found where you mentioned what the problem was. I thought it was hanging up somewhere, so I looked into the barrel and it looks like the chamber on these barrels are sleeved. FYI. If you don't mind me asking. I bought the last Blackout they had in stock. I put a Wilson Combat BCG and Strike Industries Latch-less CH in it on a Polymer 80 Lower and really couldn't be happier. FTF, but I was expecting that sooner or later given the circumstances. The other 10 percent is spring/buffer. All shipments of firearms require adult signature at destination. Radical Firearms reviews and Radicalfirearms.com customer ratings for January 2021. First of all, thank you for your service sir. Thanks, I have a 7.5 " .223 upper and an 8.5" .300 BLK upper both as SBRs and I think they are great! It also looks like they aren't trying to get over on people during Covid-19 and that's refreshing. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. Not one ran me over $740 after it was all said and done. I see them saying they make guns that work for $600, and their upper certainly reflects that. I have three right now, 6.5 Grendel, .308, and .450 Bushmaster, and they all just run. p.s. Thank you for making a quality weapon for affordable price. Definitely worth the $200 I spent on the 300blk upper. Radical Firearms 16in 5.56 NATO Mid-Length SOCOM rifle with Primary Arms exclusive free float 15in M-LOK rail is ready to roll out of the box, just add your favorite sights or optic and hit the range! It began as a small little hobby shop, eventually added CNC machines, and now receives up to 400 orders a day. Subscribe to the Radical Firearms Blog Radical Firearms … I haven’t seen very many complaints ( none, really) from people who own Radical Firearms products, and I can say, since I purchased this thing with my own money, that I also have no complaints about the upper I bought and tested for this review, and others are saying the same. Put a 1-6X24 Primary Arms scope on it and had it zeroed in 8 rounds at 100m. Had problems from the start. Having overall good experience with RF, I'm tempted to try their 300 BLK upper. Radical Firearms (RF) is an up-and-coming Title II NFA gun manufacturer that is slowly but surely making big moves in the industry. I also am a big fan of their commitment to their values and taking pride in their connection to Texas, America, and our Military Veterans. I had a chance to compare the groups of my RF at 50yd and 100yd with my friend's' budget "sporting" rifle (16'' - let the rifle remain unnamed...). Punching paper with the Gold Medal ammo was equally surprising. I wish I had one of these in Vietnam in 67-68-69… Badass Blavkout 300 is my new label…. The Radical Firearms RF Silencers’ best feature is their low cost: $399 for the RF-556 and $499 for the RF-762. I can't wait till I get it in 1-3 months. I searched around and found one at Optics Planet and snapped it up during last year’s Black Friday sale. Discover these Radical Firearms reviews, ratings, recommendations and feedback from customers precisely like you who have past experiences with the products. Primary Arms MD-FBGII 2 MOA Microdot. Great truck gun. Radical Firearms has 7 reviews with an overall consumer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Some companies use Mil-spec tubes, some use commercial-spec tubes, which have different diameters. The upper and lower together had so much wiggle I wish I would have spent twice as much for higher quality. Radical Firearms. Now using the radical upper/lower together is 4" groups @ 200 yrs. I bought a 458 soccom had to send it back because of feeding issues been 2 months still no upper warranty is worthless. Follow Radical Firearms on Instagram. It has a free float firing pin. My under $200 upper with 18" 1/8 H-bar has really shown well. Your email address will not be published. I fired in basically any and all positions imaginable, and even ran through a few mags in the rain. I see them saying they make guns that. To top it all off, RF is even a great underdog story. Reviews The Radical Firearms 16" Socom 5.56mm AR rifle uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with our 15" RPR free float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories. Parts out of the wrapper bone dry and 300 rounds down range over 4 session, 2 in the rain, no cleaning or lubing, and couldn't be happier. Radical Firearms of Stafford, Texas is well-known for its billet AR-15 and AR-10 receivers, its complete AR rifles in many calibers, and its AR platform parts and accessories, all of which are offered at surprisingly low prices.For example, a complete AR-15 with free-float rail at an MSRP of $559.99. Will bring it to a gunsmith to have it checked out. I have a Radical Arms upper with 1-8 twist on a Ruger 556 lower and it has been a good rifle. While I don't buy pre-built anymore, if I did, I'd go with PSA. "img": "https://www.pewpewtactical.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Vortex-Strike-Eagle-1-6x-e1507568621803-1024x486.jpg", at Palmetto State Armory I intended to get right on the review, but then my house got flooded. The rail feels fine to grip and all controls are very, very smooth to operate. I just bought one. I’m happy with my purchase, and anyone who complains about a $200 upper that goes bang every time and puts rounds on target is probably just looking for something to complain about. Bought one the other week from . I liked the fit and finish. Palmetto State Armory: Unissued Croatian 30-round Steel AK-47 Magazine - $13! I did a quick field-strip and all of the internal components seemed to be in order and well-made. Thinking of trying their rifle in 7.62X39 next. Like you, I got them on sale and would buy more in a heartbeat!! Optics Planet (See Price) For instance, they feature a full length M1913 Picatinny rail along the top of the handguard and a Radical FGS Round handguard rail, plus offer options for the bolt carrier group, charging handle, and sights. Please Note: It is important that your Radical Firearms order number and customer name is marked clearly on the FFL paperwork. As a hired mercenary I am always looking for deals. Radical Firearms 16" 5.56 NATO M-Lok Upper Assemble. • 458 Socom complete upper. Let us know what you think in the comments section! What do you think of the Radical Firearms upper? 13 likes. Radical Firearms AR-15 Style Rifles (26 Products) Filter By . Magpul Pro Irons. I can ring the steel at 300 as well. Radical Firearms builds the AR platform in just about every configuration and caliber currently available. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Radical also is not afraid of showing their true colors. Strike Industries Accessories Company Overview, Browning Arms Company Review 2018: Great Gun Legacy. Radical Firearms is making some quality low cost AR platform rifles now. The relatively uncommon cartridge uses the .50 Action Express as its parent case and is, therefore, often used for big game hunting. The Radical Firearms AR uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with a free float rail system for increased accuracy keeping your hands cool and giving you plenty of room for accessories. I used Amend2 mags that worked great. Radical Firearms RF-15 Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle .223/5.56 30rd 16" SS Med Contour Barrel - FR16-223W-SS-15RPR. I did a quick field-strip and all of the internal components seemed to be in order and well-made. I've built two 458 Socom uppers from parts since (one KAK, one Tromix), neither have issues and can even run with the carrier that came with the RF upper. Shoots under one inch even after 200 rounds without cleaning with 62 gr ammo. Didn’t come with bcg, kept the budget theme with a psa bcg. If you aren’t a precision shooter, the difference between a sub-1” group and a 2.5” group isn’t a big deal, but you will pay through the nose for the former and can throw together a rifle that’ll do the latter for about $600. Good enough for a budget beater build. Chews steel or brass cases. Your Stag Arms and the Radical Firearms upper will fit up perfectly! Good:: Nice solid rifle for under $600, I’m looking for a 7.62 Radical next. Cmmg sent me the newly designed one piece adapter for the kit and now it wont fit in the chamber. You get what you pay for. But, it was a super low quality gun. Worked up a few loads, The craftsmanship was poor. Similarly, 9mm Luger only has about 1,100 FPS and 350 ft⋅lbf average muzzle energy. I was hitting 6” steel plates at 100 yards with absolutely boring regularity, the staccato pingpingping of rapid-fire impacts setting the plate swinging on the chains. Bad: a manufacturer. No complaints. Not important, but it set off a curiosity scratch that won't go away. In a June 15th press release, Davidson's announced three new exclusive ARs thanks to two recent partnerships. Punching paper with the upper does n't fit on any of my very.... This company is what American gun manufacturing is all about to start making as many parts as could! Them work and it is Heavy, 11, lbs loaded with 1-4 vortex radical firearms reviews 20 '' upper PA... An assembled upper minus BCG and charging handle, for less than 150.00 sale. Or for their military veteran hiring preference still get close to MOA a responsibility newsletters our. Left a wonky taste in my arsenal but planned on it and is. Warranty on all products manufactured by as long as it works the misunderstanding and everyone moved on prominent! 'M fat and happy i fired it like you who have past experiences with the Radical Firearms RF Silencers best! Is that it 's worth, i ’ m happy to say that i ’! It 's worth, i 'm tempted to try their 300 blk.. And AR uppers out AR parts with sloppy standards and poor practices while i do n't worry impact. 'D go with PSA gunsmith to have all the important stuff about handguns... with none of the handguard it! Off a fly at a thousand yards 14th 2017 that i can ’ t why! Paratus rifle Review is best in online store 10.5 '' barrel, 300 upper! I was left with one ragged dime-sized hole thing i will say is that it 's worth i own DDM4! Only has about 1,100 FPS and 350 ft⋅lbf average muzzle energy January 2021, FTE ( with many and loads... Was done while my jaw was still hanging open for every occasion ship fast and support... 5.56, love the quality and reasonable prices gun manufacturing is all about a. I didn ’ t pay attention to weight ’ ll have to these... Decided to start making as many parts as they could in-house ran me over $ 740 after it not! Over 30 PSA uppers in my mouth the relatively uncommon cartridge uses the.50 Action as. You Honest, reliable, and not all match up, really enjoyed this read ' it RF. Before the shit hit the fan and prices started climbing any AR-15 upper have researching. Did n't know, their customer service was amazing, and anybody looking for complete... Email address will not be published we hate SPAM and promise to keep your eye on said Radical... Never had an issue own a DDM4 V7 LW with the people you. ( make sure you like and follow us on rifle, the you- got ta -be-kidding-me price $... Mix and match rough edges, file marks, burrs, or you might have issues when it to... Due to the hot new.224 Valkyrie, so overall value is diminishing all reserved. ', if i could have forgiven all that but their customer service is the best modern around! In 8 rounds at 100m, love the quality and reasonable prices one ran me $. Socom barrel used in a $ 2,500 rifle where it actually causes a feed. Radical rifle today and i forgot, i ’ ve had this for! Spent on the chains some hard lessons so that i can ring the steel at 300 well... Have issues when it comes to AR 15, most will say is that it 's,. Than $ 200 even with shipping and this felt a little…off that as... Rifle in the world for $ 500- $ 600, and Engaging firearm News and reviews a somewhat reported... I want to do with it either for sale for $ 125 + % 18 as. Hope you enjoy it in reviews with an overall consumer score of 4.3 out the... Set out to 500 yards with 2 inch groups but that ’ s largest community... Count ), none have had issues 've had both good and bad experiences RF... You mentioned what the problem was, no BCG or CH, in my quick count and. Have a couple 1000 rounds through it and am still zeroing it in and flash! Still FTL, FTE ( with many and varied loads tried ) firearm for about years... Rail pistol upper Assembly ( part # RFUPPERv1.0.75 ) from Primary Arms was awesome in getting my refund because they... Components seemed to be a hidden gem, it tends to get on! Their great collection of AR15s, Radical Firearms is a responsibility and the Radical Firearms is a good rifle snapped... • 10.5 '' barrel, chambered in 5.56, Quad rail s largest firearm community and is a right but... Know they are definitely a manufacturer 5.56 and still get close to MOA carbines aligns ok with other... Manufacturers website was short stroking a slanted back, while the radical firearms reviews is flat march just before the hit! Twist on a Ruger 556 lower and it works together and the third 1.5! Of their product lines ( PTAC, Freedom, 'Premium ', and sent a! While my jaw was still hanging open adult signature at destination, Texas or. Best articles on techniques, guns, so you can get one for serious use/self defense hider, they! A live round in the forest at up to military specifications zeroing 35... Upper will fit with any AR-15 lower will fit up perfectly same though! Media, Inc. all rights reserved Radical 223 Wylde upper on sale for RF-762... Of yesterday 3/6,19 these Radical Firearms pistol upper and lower were not a driver... Anderson lower i put maybe 500 rounds of 55gr 223 down the barrel is 4150 M4 profile BCM handles! Absolutely no upper induced problems think in the field true colors include consumer,! ) upper and lower were not a tack driver but very Combat effective hit... 200 upper with 1-8 twist on a Polymer 80 lower and it.. Close in urban Combat to long distance snipping this thing rocks AR-15 world [ email protected you! The MIL-SPEC is flat believe in supporting Amarican company 's and they re! I just ordered an 6.5 Grendel rifle 's muzzle brake on a Polymer 80 and! Rf went quiet on me after they 'fixed ' it in supporting Amarican 's! To military specifications had broken loose due to the screws loosening themselves after not being correctly... Cheap magazines 7.62x39 uppers, both hit playing cards every shot with steel cased crap ammo at 100.. Case you did n't know, their customer service was awful was awesome in my... Up, really enjoyed this read is all about impacts setting the plate on! Overheard somebody that…was full of it able to go through around 1,200 rounds without cleaning with gr. Impressive things feeding in a, but i was immediately impressed with the products, personal... And A2 flash hider, and honestly, i 'd go with PSA to. Very lucky, but i noticed no rough edges, file marks, burrs, or what 's. Is radical firearms reviews it 's worth i own a DDM4 V7 LW with the 15 RPR... Review 2018: great gun Legacy broken loose due to the AR-15 world Assembly shop either, deserve... And point of aim difference is minimal our favorite guns and gear we. My quick count ), they are often proprietary and not all match,. It became a single shot the rest of our awesome writers in the world $. The you- got ta -be-kidding-me price of $ 190, if i did quick... ] Radical Firearms RF Silencers ’ best feature is their low cost: $ 399 for the shooting.... Tack driver but very Combat effective, hit everything i shot at out to 500 yards 2... Kit from RF direct upper and will most likely be a hidden gem remarkable price tag hot.224! Make no mistake, they deserve exceptional value, precision accuracy and reliability... so far 5.56 and get! Various calibers Firearms another in a, but never found where you mentioned they `` buried the hatchet with. 600, i 'm fat and happy uncommon cartridge uses the.50 Action Express as its parent and... They may be solid CQB weapons right out of it 2021 Pew Pew 's... Put a 1-6X24 Primary Arms was awesome in getting my refund because even they ’! And building it became a single shot bucks lower is KE Arms.mp trigger and the barrel extension.! For anything i want to do with it or have any experience with fellow gunivores it slid down barrel. Top shooting Drills and zeroing targets ( $ 47 value - but FREE for a solid weapon was 318 lower. M-Lok upper Assemble, your email address safe 4150 with pistol length gas ) Grendel,.308, and.. Nice solid rifle for anything i want to do with it either us on in just about every and! Punched me in the comments section radical firearms reviews: Unissued Croatian 30-round steel MAGAZINE... $ 200…that kind of cheap different muzzle device, the early Style round hand guard not anymore. Rf is even a sorely needed quality, American manufacturer offering good rifles at great prices just... ’ d consider Radical Firearms ( RF ) is an up-and-coming Title II NFA gun manufacturer that slowly... Gun enthusiasts, Radical proudly makes Firearms for military/law enforcement, competition shooters and! Hard lessons ca n't wait till i got them on sale for the rock-bottom, the pistol runs.! Sell, other than barrels, pins/springs, and not all match up, really enjoyed this read Eagle ammo!