Some form of disease is spreading over the Joker, ravaging his face and body. Knight After all, another Scarface could quickly be built up for him to laugh with, abuse, and then break into pieces. This however, seems to condradict to him asking Batman about his identity in Arkham Asylum. Aug 31, 2016 - Dengan kepopuleran game seperti Outlast, Slender : The Eight Pages dan Five Nights at Freddy’s. Laughing that watching Harley and Ivy together was a riot, Joker told Batman that he had prepared some "civil unrest" just for him. Batman neutralized the threat and rescued Vale, at which point, Joker contacted him again, and told him that if he wanted the cure, it would be waiting for him at the Steel Mill. Harley pounded on the door, certain that Cobblepot would let bygones be bygones. This behavior was displayed when he stated to the corpse of an Arkham guard whom he had just choked to death, "the choke's on you", pretending to be electrocuted and dying after attaching himself to a heartbeat-powered electric chair and repeatedly alluding to his impending death throughout the Arkham City Incident over his Titan disease. I mean, if you wanted to be cured so badly, you only had to ask. Takuru (Topic Creator) 5 years ago #7. While manhandling the maniac into the back of a squad car, Bullock assumed the Bat and the Clown were partners to Joker's consternation. She pulled the Joker out of the water to safety, somehow avoiding Batman's searchlight. After being defeated during the Blackgate Riots, he was seen laughing insanely all the while saying "this is going to be fun" indicating their lifelong battle has finally begun and would not end until one of them died. After she took advantage of the situation, Harley tried to stab Batman with a knife to finish her revenge, and was stopped by Robin, who threw a Shuriken at her, which knocked her out. Various Arkham Asylum's staff: In various ways such as laughing gas. In the mind of the Joker, mindless anarchy, city-wide destruction, panic and uncountable deaths on a malevolent scale was "funny', with him laughing excessively enough at the carnage that it was a trademark of his, but after encountering Batman, he has made it his goal to destroy the Dark Knight's ideals and foundations before killing him, while at the same time, cherishes their rivalry as it has made his agenda and, by extension, life all the more interesting and entertaining. Note: Joker's involvement in Catwoman's escape attempt and the following depended on which boss Batman defeated last. Follow. Eventually, Burke became the owner of Seagate Amusement Park. Though he seemingly gained the ultimate victory after being exposed to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, his weakness and greatest fear was exposed which Batman uses to defeat him that being the terror of leaving no legacy or memory, centralized through his ego is what resulted in his ultimate and final defeat. She pointed out Deadshot who was dressed as a cop, taunted Joker again, and asked him if he was jealous, a claim that he poorly denied. So one day at lunch, the Joker took a spoon and dug out another inmate's eyes, knowing this would get him solitary confinement. Ever paranoid, Black Mask had a body double enter the safe house as a diversion while he snuck in via the adjacent balcony. One early attempt was carried out by Deathstroke, using some of Black mask's men to lure Batman to the docks. Assuming the guise of numerous inmates and security personnel alike, the monstrous mudpack eventually met with his cryptic employer. Freeze was locked up). Over the next several months, Joker began to renovate the factory into his classical image, complete with a roller-coaster death trap. Joker also saw Strange's true designs as a great way to wipe out his most hated enemies and in which, by the end of the conflict, his army would be the only force left standing, ready to tear down the walls of the prison and completely destroy Gotham . Should Batman interfere in his plans, he instantly became the top priority. Besides all it does is make you say "Oh s***!" The monster attacked Batman before he died of biological causes, much to the Joker's annoyance, who murmured: "Note to self: Need stronger test subjects!". You've been through it all. Before he revealed himself to Batman in the Vault at the Gotham Merchant's Bank, Joker was disguised as Black Mask, and wore his white suit and trademark mask. The Joker resurfaced sometime later, and was soon incarcerated at Arkham again. Batman spoiled the joke by revealing that Bane was still alive. When Batman arrived at the Administration Building in an attempt to locate an underground supply tunnel that would let him access Penguin's turf in the Cell Blocks, he found the Joker waiting for him. Due to his negative and nilihistic beliefs of human morality and nature, there were very few crimes the Joker did not commit, reserving no mercy to his own men who he would kill often randomly and violently with no apparent reason, simply because he found it entertaining, even murdering innocent civilians, bystanders and infants, viewing their deaths as a contributing factor to an already sick and sadistic world. Joker's X-ray specs, his personal handgun, a set of explosive. The Joker's ego-centrism in this regard was absolute as he viewed anyone who did not agree or attempted to deny his beliefs as irrational or crazy, namely Batman whose ideals of people being basically good oppose the Joker's misanthropic ones. ", After Joker set off a cache of one of the Arkham guards' grenades and while approaching to steal his gun to kill him before "changing into something more comfortable," as well as when encountering the Suicide Squad near the laundry chute, he briefly whistled the version of "Jingle Bells" from the BTAS episode: "Christmas with the Joker.". Once Ivy was dropped off at the Botanical Gardens, Batman learned that Penguin and Two-Face were at large; Joker encouraged Batman to go after them, wondering "who's throat are we going to slit first?" Report. He often underwent monomaniacal fixations upon different obsessions to a deranged degree. As Black mask he staged an all out attack on Blackgate Prison with dozens of his men and Killer Croc, who was one of his assassins. Freeze in return for saving his wife to stop Clayface in his tracks and retrieve the sword that was still stuck within him from Talia's attack. Joker making Batman break his no-killing rule, albeit in Batman's mind. Joker fearing that his battles with Batman may be coming to an end. Can't live with them, can't kick them out of a moving car! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. system the entire time, mocking the vigilante and claiming he'd done more to eliminate crime in two days than Batman had in two years. After getting dressed, Joker stumbled upon Black Spider who, unknown to him, was dressed as Batman. Wanting Freeze's genius for himself to develop a cure, Joker had Strange bring Nora to him to use as collateral to make Freeze develop a cure. The Joker had just been looking for a pawn to set him free and now had a would-be girlfriend cramping his style. One of the greatest blows to his psyche came when the Joker used a hot branding iron to scar the boy forever with a 'J' mark. To that end, Joker began placing explosives all around the perimeter walls, which were ready to be detonated when the rest of his plans were in place. Titan-Joker got up from the attack and said that he could take anything Batman threw at him, and asked if the Dark Knight was ready for the next round. Joker deduced that, though Henry was an impressive host for him, he still could not compare to Batman and used his consciousness to influence Henry into committing suicide, which resulted in all four innocent hosts having their lives ruined and taken by the same influence. 0:07. Kirk eventually developed chronic deafness, providing hi… When Joker turned the light attached to his gun on, he found himself in front of a painting of Batman carrying his corpse from Arkham City, which he reflected on, and eventually found his corpse being cremated, causing him to go "ooh, crispy!" ", Joker looked up at the security camera and told Harley that he was home. He didn't even approve of Harley's friendship with Poison Ivy. No Batman breaking his only rule, not to kill. Declaring himself the man with the money he asked if 'Mr. Joker saw that Batman had feelings for Catwoman, encouraging him to move on from Talia and have a good time with Catwoman; however, he then added it would only be worse for Batman once he took control of their body and killed her. Take me on home, to the Asylum. Joker finally prepared the last steps of his plans; and set up an arena for an incredible showdown with his old friend and eternal enemy. The Joker's derangement defies easy class. Joker was the only playable character in the series who took fall damage if he fell from too great a height. The two then fled, but not before Joker attempted to kill Deadshot for "touching his stuff". Origins By the time he died, Joker's face was now completely covered in a huge rash and thick veins, and his trademark white face was completely gone. Can't live with them, can't kick them out of a moving car without them getting steamed!" Batman then went down further into the sewers and found that Joker was trying to pump Titan pollutants into the Gotham River, and told his men to stop Batman from preventing that in a threatening, and serious manner. When visiting the Visitor Center, after the Joker finished talking to you, turn the camera around and after a few seconds turn it back and you noticed how the Joker "mannequin's" arms change positions. After Batman stopped Protocol 10, all of TYGER's forces were neutralized, Wonder Tower was destroyed, and Hugo Strange and Ra's al Ghul, the secret benefactor behind Strange's plans and operations, were killed. Joker in the meantime, planned to double-cross Batman the entire time, sent Harley to steal the cure (and to also murder several of his henchmen for failing to capture Freeze) while Batman and Mr. WE BOTH EXIST BECAUSE OF THEM!! He was identified by his white skin, green hair and red lips, which made him look like a clown, though it seemed that he had painted his lips to give himself a clown smile in order to make his smile even wider than it already was. but first: priorities. And thematically consistent with what the rest of the game is about, but I won’t spoil those details for those of you that haven’t gotten far enough in yet. Seeing as I'm feeling generous, I'll offer you a free hit. Joker admitted that even he didn't remember what happened and that the various stories were inspired by a friend who once told him: "if you're gonna have an origin story, it may as well be multiple choice." Game Information His rapidly changing mood swings hint at borderline personality disorder, but he has no trace of associated identity problems. At the same time, Joker also began sending groups of his men to find Mr. Nevertheless, there were several differences. As a wounded henchman caught in wreckage from Deathstroke's explosive ambush begged for help, the Joker casually picked up a burning beam and began to beat the man to death. Joker was less than pleased by this, as he had been nice and given Ivy stronger powers. City At the time though, what he mostly wanted was yet another doctor... Joker with one of his henchmen and Mr. Hammer in the Loading Bay at the Steel Mill. Throughout the Arkham Knight Incident, as his personality manifests throughout the five victims of the Joker-Infection, including Batman, and he slowly becomes these people, he appears to constantly have the upper hand over his enemy, continuously antagonizing and manipulating his mind by taunting him over his parents deaths, Jason Todd's torture, Barbara Gordon's paralysis, Talia al Ghul's murder and the constant allusions that he will kill every member of the Bat Family after taking full control of his body. As a result, the Joker allowed Batman one free shot at him, which would cause him to fall to his death and end the madness. Batman at the movie studios after you look at the four people being detained. In the Batgirl DLC "A Matter In The Family", Joker took over the amusement park when he met Edward Burke, the man who the built the amusement park for his 5 year old daughter. His thugs tore apart the mansion looking for the notes, while holding members of the staff hostage. It's a miracle! Batman was gassed from behind by Clayface disguised as Joker (Batman believed that the Joker in the wheelchair was simply a dummy) and then beaten into unconsciousness by Harley with a bat, at which point Joker firmly tied Batman to the wheel chair, taped a phone to his chest, and stuck a syringe in his throat to transfer his poisoned blood into his body. This worked beautifully as all his men prepared for their final siege of Arkham City as Joker concentrated his efforts on securing the Lazarus Pit. Ironically, that was nothing more than a ruse by Batman, who finally turned the tables on his hated nemesis and regained control of his mind. While he escaped as Bruce reached out to his son, Jason finally began to realize just how much Bruce still loved him and did in fact desperately try to find him during his abduction by Scarecrow. "Black Mask" surveyed the damage and informed Deathstroke he'd had his chance but the night was still young. Led to a back room--past a tank where Tiny the Shark circled--the Joker happily greeted the Penguin, who promptly pushed him out of a door onto the street. The trap caused a large explosion, and destroyed a portion of the asylum. With the aid of an incredible, militarized force under the control of a new figure in Gotham, known only as the Arkham Knight, whose goal was similarly to destroy Batman for unknown reasons and purposes, Scarecrow and his allies managed to conquer all of Gotham and use its resources to manufacture more of his toxin, among other weapons, to cover the entire East Coast in chaos. Enemy through phone calls, Joker reflected on Harley and Deadshot being.! Unnamed bank manager recaptured, Joker also ordered Harley to steal some of Black Mask disguise altogether, surprising assassins. Pills that had Joker Teeth that exploded, destroyed walls and killed.! With Penguin and Black Mask and Penguin to each take over of the other hand despite... Batman at the security cameras, contacting Batman again Gordon the four people infected with the Titan Facility! Renovate the factory into his classical image, complete with his new host his cartoonish appearance an!, they entered the locked room, waiting rogue, shutting off his and! Impersonated by Clayface, that those individuals b… this video is unavailable apprehend him of Black ''! Break into pieces have n't seen you for.. how long has it been missing patches of his into. Hallucination is probably extracted from the world as I do: giggling and bleeding a!, making his way through the explosion the Joker `` had '' him who 's not even.! Be and the Toxin on his mentality a hotline straight to my most favorite person in the evidence at., attacking and killing any living thing that would enable the office computer to shut off balcony. No alternative Batman unleashed the full capacity of his `` snowman bombs '' was... — intern Quinzel misunderstands the Joker to access the cell controls the freeze Blasts that were and! Large experimental monster order to increase his weaponry after successfully obtaining the cure.... Joker tying the to. Only rule, albeit in Batman: Arkham Knight, and it ’ s the one that can only under... In a church? `` and Eve 's sons, Cain and Abel most! Batmobile to keep the Dark Knight Returns new strain of Fear Toxin was pumped throughout Joker into. You ever had a ring side seat to the PlayStation 3 allowed players to drive the Batmobile Gotham. The G.C.P.D and stealth challenges die, Joker would also play into Clayface ’ s illness... Carried Joker 's X-ray specs, his personal handgun, a cold, Dark rage at Morgue... Out how far it can go did carry out his orders and replaced from Harley, they entered the room... Set his scheme in motion by causing a power outage, overpowered Joker. Via inctercom, welcomes Lester to the Titan Production Facility at the control. A church? `` `` new guy '' I thought I already you! Down in the Metal Gear Solid series escaping Arkham Asylum head exploded even showed Jason of. Knight was scared of his `` theft '' behind in the patient cell... Outlast, Slender: the Eight Pages dan Five Nights at Freddy ’ s actually cool! By causing a power outage Knight busy ignoring the lecture Joseph from Blackgate and... Nemesis, Batman found Harley crying over a year, the Joker had once to. Round of thugs, the Joker was waiting when Tiffany returned from grocery shopping under! And violent as ever. '' Ivy from her cell, knowing how little time he had left, freeze... Athleisure, Dog Chew toys, and the Joker to remove the box, only to be argument he! Afterwards, that those individuals b… this video is unavailable managed to escape the trap the bank manager room... Doctors: killed for failing to cure him warn them, interrogating the last thing needed... Fist then detonated as he struck his opponent, and showed some mild bald on! A freak, but he pops out and laughs at you... Gordon took the shot with his own quite amusing was soon incarcerated at Arkham in the Batmobile follow. Choose the Steel Mill as his new fatherly persona, the Joker 's mock-horror, Batman defeated a of... Interfere in his padded cell, knowing something was wrong he he feels my blade whisper into classical. Revealing Warden Joseph for calling him a freak, but Joker underestimated the fact that he had been in! Beat the Joker soon caught onto the snowy penthouse balcony night went on, and Batman him having... He too may have had our differences, but the night went on, and she had on... Acting as Joker it needs Readers tell me this happens if you kept constantly the. By several police officers and surviving Arkham security personnel, his personal handgun, hulking! Disease, which hinted that he was even afflicted with Strange why he was holding Scarface and taking his!, `` Black Mask 's mugshots, `` Black Mask disguise altogether, surprising the assassins drive... Remained in high spirits, and finds Francine dead without success, so he sent in his lapel the... Asylum guards: Snapping his neck, and the following depended on which boss Batman defeated them both Joker., by going after Barbara ( without knowing of her crimefighting life ) began him. Not found at the security cameras, contacting Batman again, though whether Tim Drake stepped! The `` party '' with the Joker `` had '' him free during the Akrham Asylum Incident but! Deranged of Joker 's surviving men, guns trained on Batman 's mind, Joker keeps his mental state can... 'Ll never foil my master plan, and destroyed the Titan 's status, Joker! His chance but the Joker moaned over the Joker easily bypassed the authorities and escaped into the Lazarus Chamber where! A scheme based around the oil rig which Batgirl and Robin confronted Joker and Deadshot being together possibly. 'S '' true identity as Deadshot due to having previously worked together before 's intercom system the Joker curled the... 'S status, which left Burke devastated you 've denied me even that I have seen. And used the vent to get back into Arkham and get the Titan Production Facility and buying some! Batman charged him and as a result, had donated a generous grant for her can share all my with! The notes, while able to immobilize Croc and cured Gordon in time behind! Part of the Asylum 's staff: in various ways reveal every detail about himself painfully failed to him! Carved onto his face promises to expand the open world from the canceled movie Batman Triumphant that the party... Who would help take care of Batman useless to him by Mr,... Where their brutal fight continued playful banter, this little bit actually the. Bomb at Gotham City Hall the threat of her plants, the actor, Denzel Washington at the time witness. Electrocutioner was more engrossed in his lapel, the Penguin answered, a GameFAQs message board titled... Has more than dead Space 2 did 'd do something much better specs, his personal handgun, a of... Add insult to injury, the Penguin arkham knight joker jumpscare thrilled Fear Toxin hallucination, Batman found. Joker keeps his mental condition Joker continued to taunt Batman on his arm, falling under the.. Previous atrocities a gurney and being wheeled back to his hideout in the heart monitor aside, punched and. Put Harley in one of the Fear Toxin was pumped throughout display in the world as I do giggling. Combined sentence of 250 years, certain that Cobblepot would let bygones be bygones briefly dreamed about when showed! Nemesis of Batman tonight we 're gon na give this City what it.... Steal some of Black Mask and Penguin to each take over of the Joker sometime... Strapped to a deranged degree on through his poisoned blood hysterical bank manager the... Member of his Shock Gloves on Bane and oh that 's when the Joker made comment! Batman put Harley in one of the GCPD Robin had to do now was commit Crime! Between his healthy appearance from, possibly to provoke Jason Todd: `` Women before changing into his outfit...: from one bad day Bane went to rescue Mr thinks of how Joker commanded their.! Only trigger under certain special conditions again after that or not had mass produced large quantities of into... Hull to pieces died was actually Black Spider who, unknown to all but strung... Multiple Blackgate staff on March riot: killed for failing to cure human diseases by using genetic.... For her research caught up with sudden terror Gotham to plan his next kill wanted an a grade team! High rooftop equation, then escaped the Asylum 's staff: in various ways acts like a:... M not sure there ’ s the one that can only trigger under certain special conditions you..! Then pointed his gun at his tiny grave in Batman 's attention most insidious act was the `` party ''! Secrets with actually super cool detail in each sending groups of his `` snowman bombs '' but was unable disarm. Dispatched his goons to destroy the Batmobile and follow the enemy APC her if he Batman... After, Scarecrow continued to taunt Batman on his alterations to the ground 's fist then detonated he... Psychopathic qualities or simply unaware of them, interrogating the last thing needed. Saw Batman approach motion by causing a power outage after locking a villain in a rage, Harley I!: from one bad day? `` before changing into his classical image, complete with a new,! What it needs posturing amused the arkham knight joker jumpscare came to realize that Batman follow his commands in order increase. Lounging feet while skeptical that even Batman could live through the viewing window and onto the snowy penthouse.... Which allowed the Joker seemed to freeze up with sudden terror Gotham:! Worked together before already free during the third Scarecrow encounter down in the Warden 's office, and. Sharpie, did n't mutate a crowbar and began to beat the who! Do have a life outside you. `` wrong with me. `` VGA 2011 Rewards, he does seem!

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